Dagens største nyhed

Torsten Larsens overskydende demoer fabrikeret i forbindelse med Larsen & Furious Jane – “Zen Sucker” er nu tilgængelige, og det er endda gratis’t – tryk her.

Den hedder The Big Payoff og Torsten Larsen siger selv følgende:

“Demos. I suppose every musician has them. A secret stock of more or less detailed sketches that were dropped somewhere in the process. Because they didn’t fit in, because something better came up, because there was an unsolveable problem. The songs on “The Big Payoff” are a collection of demos from the three-year period, in which Larsen & Furious Jane worked on “Zen Sucker”. Each and every one of them was rejected at the door by the other band members. These sketches were conceived in very relaxed sessions. In the rehersal room or at home, alone or with a friend – and rarely without wine and smoke. They were recorded fast. Then we’d do a mixdown and delete the session, so these mp3’s are the only form in which these songs still exist.”

Jeg kan endnu ikke give min mening til kende omkring kvaliteten af demoerne, men mon ikke de er downloadtiden værd? Det vil undre mig meget hvis det ikke er tilfældet – god mandag!